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Upskilling and retraining programs for workers in all sectors of the economy with a focus on digital and green skills" under action: 16913 New strategy for lifelong learning & the national upskilling system 

«SUB2: Horizontal upskilling/reskilling programs to targeted populations»

Purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to upgrade the knowledge, abilities and skills of private sector employees, in accordance with the skills required by modern trends in the workplace and to improve both the productivity of the benefited employees and the retention of jobs them in the context of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Scope of the project


The project concerns the retraining and/or upgrading of the digital and "green" skills of up to 150,000 employees/salaried employees in the Private Sector, by providing Vocational Training Programs lasting from 80 hours and certifying the knowledge, abilities and skills that will be acquired. The project will be implemented through the process of providing Vouchers to the beneficiaries, who will be selected through the present public invitation of DYPA.


Description of the project

As part of the implementation of the project, up to 150,000 beneficiaries are expected to be trained. Each beneficiary has the right to choose the Continuing Professional Training program she/he wishes, from the set of programs offered according to her/his educational profile.

Each trainee will attend a theoretical Training program concerning the development of digital and "green" knowledge, abilities and skills, with a total duration of 80 hours. The implementation of the continuing training programs will be carried out with 12 hours of live training and with the method of distance education (e-learning), which will include at least 48 hours of synchronous distance education and up to 20 hours of asynchronous distance education.

The daily duration of live education and modern distance education cannot exceed four (4) hours.

Each training program, lasting up to 80 hours, must be completed within 2 months at the latest.

The process of certifying the knowledge, abilities and skills of the beneficiaries is organized based on the current National or European institutional framework. The participation of the beneficiaries in the Certification Exams is mandatory.

Right to Apply for Participation

The right to participate in this project and therefore the right to submit a "Participation Application" for registration in the Register of Beneficiary Employees for training through the K.E.Di.V.M of A.E.I. and the licensed K.D.V.M. have employees who meet at least the following conditions:

  • To be employees of the private sector
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • To be graduates of at least compulsory education

Please note that in the event that the compulsory education or secondary education certificate or other equivalent or higher degree was obtained abroad, an official translation and act of recognition is required.

Each interested employee has the right to submit an application to participate and attend a single program of Continuing Professional Training, in the context of this call financed by the Recovery and Resilience Fund, as long as there are places available at the time of application.

It is noted that, as defined in article 34 par.2 of Law 4921/2022 (Government Gazette: 75/A/18.4.2022), a person who has been trained in the same subject in the last two years cannot be subsidized as a beneficiary in a continuing professional training program (2) years, before the publication of the relevant invitation.

The submission of Applications for the participation of employees in the project is done exclusively online on the special website https://www.voucher.gov.gr by the beneficiary.

Training Allowance

Each beneficiary who completed the Continuous Professional Training program and obtained the Knowledge and Skills Certification is entitled to receive an educational allowance, which amounts to €5/hour of training.

Register of Training Providers

The Public Employment Service will cooperate with the K.E.DI.BIM of the Greek Public Universities, as well as with the licensed K.D.B.M. that meet specific quality assurance criteria, for the provision of training programs to employees/salaried employees of the private sector, in all sectors of the economy, in the context of the national effort to upgrade the knowledge, abilities and skills of Human Resources (upskilling) and reskilling of (reskilling) in digital and green skills.



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